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ArcelorMittal Ringmill’s Management is firmly resolved to making health and safety a permanent concern for its whole staff, as well as a strategic focus of its development – which is inseparable from its profitability.
We commit ourselves to applying, implementing and promoting the measures set out by the OHSAS 18001 standard and ARCELORMITTAL’s safety guidelines according to the laws in force.

ArcelorMittal Ringmill declares that :

  • Health and safety are an integral part of everyone’s missions, both during the execution and organisation stages ;
  • There is no priority greater than health or safety ;
  • Everyone – at each level – is responsible for his or her own as well as other people’s health ans safety. The common objective lies in risk elimination, reduction and control in a continuous progress and improvement approach of health, work safety and performance management.

To achieve this ambition, ArcelorMittal Ringmill commits itself to :

  • Preventing all kinds of bodily injuries and health conditions. To this end ArcelorMittal Ringmill will make sure its equipment is compliant, identify dangers and assess industrial and health risks through the involvement of staff representatives upstream of these measures ;
  • Giving all the necessary means and resources for a safe execution of tasks, including when implementing projects and setting up new equipment ;
  • Granting each co-worker or service provider the right to demand the respect of health and safety procedures ; empowering the supervisory staff to create the right conditions for every one to exercise this right ;
  • Acting on behaviour and developing everyone’s personal involvement towards the respect of health and safety rules. Each employee is the main role-player in his own health and safety ;
  • Increasing and improving staff skills through better training ;
  • Communicating and raising awareness about these matters, both internally and externally ;
  • Being a model for the law and regulation compliance in force as well as the other health and safety demands that our organization has to meet.

In order to implement this policy, the Management shares its authority with each staff member.