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ArcelorMittal Ringmill’s Management considers the respect of our environment as a primary and permanent concern. The day-to-day vigilance of our staff must lead to responsible actions and to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

As a subsidiary of the ArcelorMitall Group, and in accordance with its environmental policy, ArcelorMittal Ringmill commits itself to the following principles :

  • Implementation of environmental management systems such as the ISO 14001 standard throughout the company.
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations and respect for the commitments of the company.
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental performance, based on the advantages of systematic monitoring aimed at preventing any pollution.
  • Updating, improvement and implementation of production methods with a low environmental impact, prioritizing local resources and services.
  • Optimizing production processes in order to minimize waste through selective sorting, with a priority for recycling.
  • Developing and manufacturing environmentally-friendly products according to the intended use and recycling potential.
  • Efficient use of natural resources, energy and ground.
  • Managing and reducing the carbon footprint of production when technically and economically feasible.
  • Staff commitment and responsibility towards environmental performance.
  • Making sure that suppliers and subcontractors are aware of, and comply with, ArcelorMittal Ringmill environmental policy.
  • Open communication and dialogue with all stakeholders involved in ArcelorMittal Ringmill’s activities.