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ArcelorMittal Ringmill has a large range of steel grades directly available from stock, a highly efficient and comprehensive selection of production tools, and qualified staff. Therefore, we can guarantee high quality products, the meeting of deadlines and a quick response to our customers’ specific needs.

A computerized system ensures the traceability of all components produced and allows accurate monitoring of each one throughout the production process.

The quality department and its metallographic laboratory control the casts received in order to optimize the production process, while ensuring the respect of the strictest customer standard.

The continuous casting bars or ingots are cut by means of CNC saws. The extreme accuracy of these machines leads not only to fewer chips but also to minimize the block weight.

The heat treatment department can meet the most stringent customer specifications due to its finely regulated furnaces and numerous quenching tanks (water, oil and polymers).

ArcelorMittal Ringmill’s operational know-how is assured by a skill management system and close collaboration between the production staff, the quality department and the metallographic laboratory.

The smooth running of our production tools is exclusively ensured by ArcelorMittal Ringmill’s maintenance department, whose mission is mainly focussed on preventive maintenance in order to guarantee top performances at all time.

All components produced are submitted to severe non-destructive tests before shipment. Destructive tests are also carried out according to customer requests or ArcelorMittal Ringmill’s internal procedures. They aim not only to ensure the delivery of zero defect products but also play a major part in ArcelorMittal Ringmill’s Continuous Improvement Policy.